Thu, 13 Jan 2011 11:42:28 GMT

Welcome to the great cricket bazaar

India Inc is slated to spend a staggering `84 lakh every hour on the game in the next 11 months

Welcome to the great cricket bazaar

Corporate India will fork out astaggering `6,500 crore in the next few months on the magic of cricket, whether it is to advertise on TV during World Cup matches, on Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise fees, to pick up players, or bag team or tournament sponsorships. That's an average of around `84 lakh every hour in the next 11 months.

Irrespective of whether franchisees or broadcasters make any money, BCCI will earn `900 crore just from the IPL, primarily through its share of broadcasting and sponsorship revenues, as well as from franchise fees. That's `2.5 crore every day from just one key tournament.

What is on offer, come February, is over 95 days of gruelling cricket. That includes the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is being played in the Subcontinent after a gap of 15 years, and the coveted IPL, in which for the first time ten teams will be battling it out over 74 matches for the top slot. October sees the ICC Champions League T20. The largest chunk of money, of course, will be spent by advertisers. Together, they will put in around

`3,000 crore, either to buy spots on TV, become sponsors of tournaments or teams, or for endorsements of their products by players. Media planners say hardly anyone can escape the lure of cricket.