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Sachin Tendulkar’s oath-taking ceremony

Sachin Tendulkar was sworn in as a member of the Rajya Sabha, today. It was a big moment for the Little Master, who became the first active sportsperson to enter the Parliament. Scroll down to catch the blow-by-blow account from the oath-taking ceremony.

Live Blog: Sachin Tendulkar’s oath-taking ceremony

11.45 am - That's it from our special coverage of the Sachin Tendulkar oath-taking ceremony. It has been a very special Monday morning for all of us as Sachin is now a Member of Parliament. The next big question he will face will certainly relate to the kind of contribution he can make. Well, as we often say in sport, here too 'Only time will tell.' But, expect giant levels of commitment from the Little Master. With good wishes all around, it's goodbye from the Live Blog team here at MSN India. Stay tuned to MSN India for all the latest from the world of news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and a whole host of events that make your day a truly special one. So long everybody.

Sachin Tendulkar speaks to Rajya Sabha TV. Here are the excerpts from the chat:

In my 22-plus years of international cricket, ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to give something back to cricket in the latter half of my life. Whatever I am today is all because of cricket. But, with today's nomination, I want to contribute not only to cricket but also to other sports. I will try my best to contribute in whatever way I can. There will be obstacles along the way; there will be challenges along the way. But, with the support of fellow parliamentarians, administrators, media and people of the country, together we can make a lot of changes.

Sachin also responded firmly to the question on whether he will be able to balance things out.
"I am a nominee. I didn't ask anyone to make me a Rajya Sabha member. It is an honour for me that I have been nominated but having said that, I cannot take any focus away from cricket. There are people who are talking about my retirement plans. I really do not want such rumours to do the rounds now. If I have any plans to retire from cricket, I will make sure all of you stay informed about the same. At the moment, I am very focussed on my cricket and I will try my best to contribute to cricket and other sports during my time in RS.

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