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Blog: Sachin takes Mumbai to victory against Haryana

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Live blog: Mumbai bank on Sachin for victory (© PTI)

11:05 am: Tendulkar thanks his fans, his teammates and the crowd at Lahli for making his final game a memorable one. His match-winning innings will serve as a perfect preparation for his final two Tests for the national side. Tendulkar has bowed out from the domestic front on a high. As we sign off, we salute the legendary batsman for his contribution to Ranji cricket, for inspiring a generation of young players and giving us memories that we would cherish forever. His performance in this game has given a big boost to the nation's hopes of seeing him hit a big ton in his farewell Test. Thank you and goodbye!

11:00 am: Sachin Tendulkar stayed unbeaten on 79. He didn't get to hit the winning runs, but he gets a standing ovation and a thunderous applause from the Lahli crowd. Emotional scenes at the end of the match as the Mumbai players carry the Master Blaster on their shoulders to the dressing room.

10:58 am: Dhawal Kulkarni edges a bouncer off Mohit Sharma, but it falls safe. Just four needed now to win. And Dhawal Kulkarni hits a straight drive off the last ball of the over to seal the victory! That's it. Mumbai have beaten by Haryana by 4 wickts in their Ranji opener.

10:50 am: A couple of more uneventful overs pass by. Mumbai seem to have decided to take it slow.

10:40 am: Jayant Yadav bowls the first over after drinks in which Mumbai manage to get 1 run.

10:35: Drinks break taken with Mumbai needing just 9 more to win. Surely there's no way back for Haryana in this one now.

10:30 am: Mohit is back into the attack. A bit of extra bounce on his first ball takes Tendulkar by surprise. His second ball is even better as it takes an edge and goes through the first and second slip for a four. Unfortunate for Mohit and lucky for Tendulkar once again.

10:25 am: Ashish Hooda is introduced to the attack now. Tendulkar pushes the fifth ball through point and cover for a couple. He follows up with wristy little flick down square leg to take a single and keep the strike.

10:20 am: A quiet couple of overs have passed with both batsmen preferring to leave or defend most deliveries.

10:10 am: Only 16 more required now and Mumbai have managed to get so far without losing another wicket this morning. It hasn't exactly been a smooth ride for the visitors, but they are crawling towards the target.

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