Thu, 23 Feb 2012 13:23:36 GMT | By Rajesh Viswanathan, India Syndicate

Why India is struggling in CB series

6 matches, 2 wins and now tantalisingly close to the exit door. Only 2 wins out of 2 will revive India in Australia or fortunes will go down and under. While all sorts of theories, including the ‘open rift’ have been floating around as poor run continues, the primary reason for the debacle has to do with basic cricketing blunders

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Why India is struggling in CB series

It has been a very ordinary series so far for the reigning world champions as they have just not been able to dish out consistently good performances. Just look at the Lankans. They started off slowly and have peaked at the right moment.

If anything, the Lankans have been the best unit in this tournament. They have some excellent batsmen at the top of the order, very good all-rounders in the middle and match-winning bowlers. Now, did I miss the aspect of fielding here? I haven't seen a team from the sub-continent field as well as the Lankans have been doing in this tournament, especially within the 30-yard circle.

The Lankans have been a revelation. The great aspect of their performance so far has been the under-dependence on Lasith Malinga, who has at best been modest in his efforts in this series. Yet, there have been a number of other players who have scaled up their performance by several notches in a matter of few days. I can directly talk for the likes of Lahiru Thirimanne and Senanayake.

I remember last week having a chat with a close mate about Thirimanne and even remember being ridiculed at suggesting he can be the next Atapattu. I am quietly smiling away but the fact remains that the Lankans have been playing splendid cricket while the Indians have not. Simple as that.

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