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Blog: India v Sri Lanka, Perth ODI

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Live blog: India v Sri Lanka, Perth ODI

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Final summary: Indian spinners made amends for the whacking they received from the Aussies in the first ODI and kept Lanka to 233. There was a phase, when it looked as if Lanka would stack up a big one, given the way Dilshan and Sangakkara were batting. Dilshan ended two runs short of a half-century--he was his usual self, belting the pacers, but suprisingly was very circumspect again Ashwin and Jadeja's spin. Dinesh Chandimal carried on Dilshan's good work and thanks to his 64, Lanka set India the 234-run target. Ashwin finished with 3 wickets.

The off-spinner kept his cool with the bat as well, guiding India to victory in a crucial 53-run stand for the 7th wicket. India started off their chase on a poor note with Sehwag yet again gifting his wicket away. Tendulkar played some gorgeous shots before he chopped one onto his stumps--Mathews being the lucky bowler. Kohli's elegant 77 kept India going, but Lanka made things difficult for India taking a clutch of wickets, before Jadeja and Ashwin sealed the game.

Ok folks! That's it from all of us here. Do join us for the live updates for India's next match which is against Australia on Sunday in Adelaide. Bye bye take care. India have won...time to rejoice..but it did get a bit tense at one moment..byeeee.

Over no. 46.4: Mathews to Jadeja: While some batsmen from India and Lanka found the extra bounce a tad difficult to handle, Ashwin has been impressive from the moment he arrived in the middle. He pulls again, same place and the scores are tied. 50-run stand is up, one more run needed. Out! no dropped! Ashwin hit the ball in the air, two fielders converged on it and in the end it dropped between them. Funny end to the match. India have won by 4 wickets.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 46: That last-ball boundary was a beautiful shot from Ashwin. He drove it down the cover, was well-timed. He leant into it. India have done well to rebound after the likes of Raina and a well-set Kohli threw their wickets away. Yes, Virat played well, but that single was too risky. He took that after smacking a six, and that's why you wonder why he ran himself out. Great shot from Ashwin, was short ball and he whipped it through midwicket for a boundary. India 228-6 need 6 to win in 24 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 45: Malinga to Ashwin: Now, Malinga has been called in. Well played by Ashwin, who flicks a leggish delivery. Jadeja and Ashwin have added 37 runs till now--singles have come with ease. Lanka put India in a spot with quick wickets, but after that they've allowed India to wriggle back on top. Boundary off the last ball from Ashwin. India 223-6 need 11 runs in 30 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 44: Dammika to Jadeja: Why wouldn't you give the ball to your strike bowler! India would be happy facing Dammika Prasad now rather than those toe-crushing deliveries from the slinga. Maybe, he'll be brought in the next over. Indians are picking up singles without breaking into sweat and inching towards the target. Where is Malinga, questions Sanjay Manjrekar.. and rightly so. India 217-6 need 17 runs in 36 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 43: Dilshan to Ashwin: Dilshan is pushing the ball through. No loop whatsoever, and that does the job. Bad ball, gave width and Jadeja cracks it for four. Maybe Lasith Malinga should have been handed the ball now. He's your strike bowler and he always bowls well in the end overs. Two overs in Malinga's kitty. India 213-6 need 21 runs in 42 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 42: Mathews to Ashwin: Mathews has been THE bowler for Lanka, picking up that vital wickie of Tendulkar. His economy rate reads 2.69 now. He is bowling yet another frugal over here. Only 3 runs given. India 207-6 need 27 runs in 48 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

Over no. 41: 38 runs needed in 10 overs. It should've been a cakewalk for India, but people have threw their wickets away. Jadeja collects two first up, played it nicely on the backfoot. He's done well with the bat since that innings against England at The Oval. Ashwin has kept his cool too, he always does. Too much width given by Perera, can't do that, he needs to tighten up. 8 runs off the over. India 204-6 need 30 runs in 54 balls.Scorecard | Gallery

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