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Indian team needs Sachin for another year: Waqar

Former Pakistan skipper Waqar Younis feels Team India needs the services of it’s senior batsmen Sachin Tendulkar for another year at least

Indian team needs Sachin for another year: Waqar (© AFP)

New Delhi: Former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis feels that form of the Indian team is such that they require the services of Sachin Tendulkar for another year, a feeling that was also echoed by his new ball colleague and another former skipper Wasim Akram.

"The situation in which the Indian team finds itself at the moment...from what we find out from the ongoing England series, I believe that he (Tendulkar) would be needed for another 6-8 months," Waqar said while answering to a query.

Wasim on his part said, "As a cricketer, he is one of the greatest of all times. I don't know what he is feeling at the moment but it's difficult to carry on with the same passion after giving 23 years to the international cricket. If you ask me, he can play for another 6-8 months or a year."

"I have heard some people saying that he is eyeing 200 Test matches. Whether he plays 200 or 250 Test matches, that will hardly make any difference to me because he has shattered all the records in the cricket book," Wasim said.

"What he (Tendulkar) wants to do and how long he wants to play, it's up to him but the age is not on his side. It does affect your game at the international level," he further added.

Waqar feels that ability to shut his critics makes Tendulkar special.

"These talks that Sachin should take retirement from cricket have been going on for past 6-7 years. I have always seen that whenever you have criticised him, he has come up with a performance that everyone starts talking about his batting."

Wasim and Waqar expressed their delight at the resumption of bilateral cricket ties between India and Pakistan and said the two neighbours should play each other regularly.

"The Indo-Pak cricket match is mother of all games. It's unfortunate that less cricket was played between the two neighbours since 2004. Hopefully, the upcoming series will herald a new era in Indo-Pak ties. You can feel the pressure when the two sides are involved in a contest. There's nothing much entertaining than that. It's same as the Ashes series," said Waqar.

Wasim said, "It's a new beginning and I hope that we play each other on a regular basis. The beauty of Indo-Pak series lies in the pressure we go through. Whenever we had played against India, we were always told back home to go and win."

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