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Highlights and commentary of IPL-4 auctions

As we wait for the IPL-5 auctions to start, here's a look of what happened last year.

Highlights and commentary of IPL-4 auctions

Top 10 Indian buys of IPl auctions. All figures in $ million

1. Gambhir - Kolkata - 2.4
2. Yusuf Pathan - Kolkata - 2.1
3. Robin Uthappa - Pune - 2.1
4. Rohit Sharma - Mumbai - 2
5. Irfan Pathan - Delhi - 1.9
6. Yuvraj Singh - Pune - 1.8
7. Saurabh Tiwary - Bangalore - 1.6
8. Ravindra Jadeja - Kochi - 0.95
9. Dinesh Karthik - Kings XI - 0.9
10. Piyush Chawla - Kings XI - 0.9

Top 10 imports of IPL auctions. All figures in $ million
1. Mahela Jayawardene - Kochi - 1.5
2. David Hussey - Kings XI - 1.4
3. Dale Steyn - Chargers - 1.2
4. Muttaih Muralitharan - Kochi - 1.1
5. AB de Villiers - Bangalore - 1.1
6. Cameron White - Chargers - 1.1
7. Jacques Kallis - Kolkata - 1.1
8. Ross Taylor - Rajasthan - 1
9. Angelo Mathews - Pune - 0.95
10. Johan Botha - Rajasthan - 0.95

06.10 pm - It was great to be with you all over the last couple of days as it always is. We hope we ensured you enjoyed our coverage of the IPL auctions. Time to sign off and as I do that, let me leave you with the top 10 Indian buys and top 10 imports of the auction that was. Thanks for joining MSN India. Keep tuning into us for all the latest in sport, news, lifestyle, entertainment, auto, education and green. We have everything lined up for your taste buds. Bye for now

06.05 pm - Anti-climatic end to the match called auctions. Plenty of analysis will be around everywhere but the bottomline is simple. IPL auctions has been a mix of few surprises and more shocks once again

06.02 pm - Have we seen the end of the 'rejected names' as far as IPL is concerned? Maybe yes. Most certainly for Ganguly, Jayasuriya, Boucher. But, others like Gayle will try hard in 3 years time. But, what about Swann????? That is my biggest shock alongwith Anderson and Tamim Iqbal

06.01 pm - There is an announcement of PCRs for uncapped Indian players. Exciting names there as well. Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, etc

06.00 pm - Wait a minute. There is a third bidding process opened up. Mohd Kaif. What a lucky chap! He surges 30% in 3 minutes and is snapped by Bangalore for $ 130000. Kaif was even misprounounced once by Madley for Murali Karthik in the first bidding. Oh. If any player is IPL lucky, it has to be Kaif. What drama!!!!!

06.00 PM - None of the big names make a comeback to the table again. No Ganguly, no Gibbs, no Gayle, no Anderson, no Swann, no Boucher, no............ The list is endless


05.55 pm - Mumbai are doing it very well. They are doing great cherry picking. Adrien Blizzard bought by them for just $ 20000

05.50 pm - There is still substantial money left on the table. Can you believe it? Chargers still have 2.2 and Kings XI nearly 2.1 million

05.47 pm - Another great value buy. Mumbai snap up Moises Henriques of Australia for $ 50000. Henriques was a part of the CL T20 winning NSW Blues in Hyderabad

05.45 pm - Small value buys going on and many second-time rejections. Just suspect there could be more than 28 up for resale

05.42 pm - Success for an English player after a long time. Dmitri Masceranhas sold to Kings XI for $ 100000

05.40 pm - The big guns are still yet to come under the hammer for the second time. All eyes on them. Excitement and nervousness in equal measure

05.38 pm - Adam Voges unsold for second time

05.36 pm - Deccan Chargers' budget now down to 2.2. Very marginaly down but they have got an extra asset

05.35 pm - Rusty Theron is bagged by Chargers for $ 85000 . Was surprised in the first place why this bidding never happened for him. The South African is such an asset in the shorter version

05.33 pm - Pune's budget now is down to below 1 million

05.32 pm - Murali Karthik next. And guess what! he is seeing aggressive bidding. And Madley likes it too. Pune snap up Murali Karthik for $ 400000

05.30 pm - Who has put in the request for players and not participating in the auction????? This is sure violation of norms and not acceptable. Wasting plenty of valuable time

05.28 pm - Action replay of mid session going on... This is ridiculous

05.27 pm - Next request is Daniel Harris. What is going on? Again, are we back to the meandering stuff? Harris fails at second attempt at $ 20000

05.27 pm - VRV Singh next. Now, who is bidding for him? And yes. He is unsold after a second attempt

05.25 pm - Jesse Ryder, first unsold player under the hammer. There is a scramble for Ryder suddenly. Pune buy Ryder for $ 150000. Great buy

05.20 PM - Kings XI haven't bought a single player today and they still have over 2 million in the bank.


05.10 pm - My picks from unsold players - Gayle, Jayasuriya, Tamim Iqbal, Swann, Anderson, Tremlett, Gibbs, Jesse Ryder and Ganguly

05.07 pm - No million dollar babies yet today. Suspect if there will be any at all with prunned down budgets. But, expect Chargers and Kings XI to slug it out in the play offs

05.05 pm - There were only 16 unsold players yesterday. Today, it is some 20 times more than that. How one day is different from the other!

05.00 pm - At the same time last evening, we all were talking about Gambhir, the Pathans, Rohit and Uthappa. Who will be the talking point today? None so far but wait for the climax

04.56 pm - This resembles a penalty shootout, doesn't it? After all the meandering stuff in the final few sets, the excitement is palpable again as we head into the finale

04.55 pm - Madley had said it will be a 5-minute break. But, looking at the fact that it is now nearing 25 minutes just goes to show it will be another slug-fest

04.40 pm - Teams have started to present their wishlists. Simple explanation of rules for the next stage:
If a player is sought by only one franchisee, that player automatically goes to that franchisee at the base price
If a player is sought by 2 or more franchisees, then it goes into bidding

04.35 pm - Welcome back after the 5-min breather. The only thing I did in the period was to splash some water on my face as I almost went off to sleep during the mid session. Reminded me of my school days!

04.30 pm - A quick look at who has how much going into the play-offs

All figures in $ millions
Chennai - 0.335
Mumbai - 0.55
Bangalore - 0.51
Chargers - 2.29
Delhi - 0.89
Kolkata - 0.425
Rajasthan - 0.805
Kings XI - 2.175
Pune - 1.48
Kochi - 1.21

04.30 pm - The auction is over but not the real action, which begins only now. The biggies will be back and back with a bang. Let us see what happens as the next stage of the auction begins in 5 minutes

04.27 pm - There is some excitement in the final set. du Plessis is going great guns well and above his base price of $ 20000. Chennai bag him for $ 120000. Another value buy late in the day

04.25 pm - Three future investments in the last 30 minutes. That is interesting and good for the game. Rilee Rossouw, Nuwan Pradeep and Chris Lynn.

04.23 pm - Another surprise bid. Another futuristic investment. Chris Lynn by Chargers for $ 20000. Haven't heard of him before

04.20 pm - Don't ever think this is a dying battle. All eyes are now on what happens as soon as Madleyreads out player No. 353. That is when the real action will begin and expect absolute fireworks then. WillGayle comeback? Will someone snap up Jayasuriya? Ganguly is up for grabs. Can Anderson spring back tolife? There are so many of them. At this point of time, all thos 'rejected' players will be quietly relieved tosee what is happening. They know they are going to make a comeback

04.19 pm - Another futuristic investment by Bangalore. Nuwan Pradeep from Sri Lanka for $ 20000

04.15 pm - Finally, another player gets sold to a solitary bid. Rilee Rossouw is a great buy at just $ 20000 by Bangalore. They are certainly investing in the future

04.10 pm - A quick look at how much is left now with each franchisee as we enter into the last 30 players of the auctions. All figures in $ millions
Chennai - 0.455
Mumbai - 0.55
Bangalore - 0.55
Chargers - 2.31
Delhi - 0.89
Kolkata - 0.425
Rajasthan - 0.805
Kings XI - 2.175
Pune - 1.48
Kochi - 1.21

04.05 pm - The equation is pretty simple. Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Rajasthan all have less than a million, some of them less than half a milion. That leaves Chargers, Kings XI, Pune and Kochi with the best chance to go for the kill in the slog overs

04.03 pm - It is now more or less evident that franchisees are preserving the purse for the return of the 'rejected kings'. But, who will have the money to go that far? Chennai looks content and so do Mumbai with biggies. If anything, Chargers, Pune, Kings XI and Kochi desperately need one big player each

04.01 pm - Player No.300 Angelo Perera goes unsold.

04.00 pm - The last one hour has seen only three bids. First was James Pattinson to KKR for $ 100000 andthen towards the late stagesAlfonso Thomas to Pune for $ 100000 and George Bailey to Chennai for $ 50000

03.58 pm - George Bailey picked by Chennai for $ 50000

03.57 pm - One of the emerging international players of 2010, Kane Williamson too goes unsold

03.55 pm - It suddenly livens up. Alfonso Thomas, the name that shook even Adam Gilchrist in the first edition of CL T20, when he single-handedly won the match for Somerset against Chargers at Hyderabad. I was there watching that game and was mighty impressed with Alfonso. Thomas is snapped up by Pune for $ 100000

03.53 pm - Remember Tyron Henderson? In the first auction, this unheralded player was bought by Rajasthan for 625000. This time around he is unsold even at 50000. Cricket can be very humbling at times

03.51 pm - Another Bangladeshi failure. Mashrafe Mortaza, arguably the fastest bowler till date from that country finds no takers. Kolkata are determined for a total revamp

03.50 pm - Joy for one Yusuf (Pathan) and disappointment for the other Yusuf (Abdullah)

03.48 pm - Back to fast bowlers again. Yusuf Abdullah from South Africa, who was with Kings XI and did okay. Eyes on Zinta. No reaction, which means he too is unsold.

03.45 pm - A short while ago, I had said 1 run in 30 minutes. Please make that 1 run in 45 minutes. There has only been 1 bid so far in this mid session. Come on guys! This is T20. No no. We aren't forcing a wrong decision on a franchisee

03.42 pm - Another Bangladeshi cricketer bites the dust. Naeem Islam, the latest casualty

03.40 pm - No luck here either as most names are unheard of. They are not international 'babies' yet. Darren Stevens, a base price of $ 200000????? Now, where did that price come from

03.40 pm - Now, we could see some action as it is all-rounder time again. Or will we?

03.37 pm - No bids for Mark Cosgrove either. He is considered a good T20 player down under

03.34 pm - What it definitely does is set up a fascinating finale to the auctions, especially with so much money (value increases with each passing minute) left on the table and the 'rejected' lot could come up for seconds sale

03.33 pm - Madley isn't complaining as he has seriously made up lost time. Now, less than 100 left

03.32 pm - Batsmen now. Let us see if there is better luck. I am afraid it remains bitter as the 'unsold' series. It is a shock as Adrian Barath from West Indies too doesn't get a bid. I thought he should have been snapped up. Good aggressive opener

03.30 pm - 1 run scored in 30 minutes of play. Test cricket or T20. Forgot which version IPL belongs to!

03.27 pm - BIG BREAKING NEWS - FINALLY THERE IS A BID AFTER ALL. Australian James Pattinson gets a solo bid and that is enough. Kolkata bag him for $ 100000

03.26 pm - Horribly slow start to the post-lunch session. Not a single run scored yet. Guys, had a heavy lunch. Might just dose off if action doesn't get hot again. Someone please send the twelfth man in to send a message to bidders

03.25 pm - Finally, a promising name. Daryl Tuffey and he is left to eat the toffee. No takers again

03.22 pm - Pretty sure the 'oldies' who have been sidelined in the early part of the auction will make a stunning comeback looking at the way things are going at this point of time

03.21 pm - Where will the 2 million each of Chargers and Kings XI go? That is the million dollar question now as we meander along. Not everyone is in a hurry it seems

03.21 pm - Bangladesh, England and West Indies are having a torrid time in the auctions. Despite the recent Ashes disaster, Australia are doing okay

03.20 pm - 15 now unsold on the trot. Crazy stuff. Momentum has completely swung, has it?

03.20 pm - Can we have some more names withdrawn please if this silence is going to continue? They did that earlier in the day with wicketkeepers

03.17 pm - Last dozen have gone without a bid. This is unbelievable.

03.15 pm - Have the franchisees spent all the money they had on lunch???? Not a single bid for nearly 10 players who have gone under the hammer. WI batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan is the latest casualty

03.12 pm - The player who had one of the best test averages of 2010 too finds no takers in IPL. Thilan Samaraweera goes unsold

03.10 pm - Our prayers answered. Auction resumes but no change in bad luck for West Indies. Ricardo Powell and Xavier Marshall find no takers. Lendl Simmons is an exciting all-rounder but he too finds no takers. That's a bit surprising

03.08 pm - Madley finishes it off in five flat minutes. Great stuff Madley. Let us please get back to the more exciting aspect, the auctions. For God's sake!

03.03 pm - Not sure the franchisees will be too interested in the draw since it is a plain and simple home and away format. The only interesting aspect of the draw would be who would play whom and when. That would have excited last year when you knew the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. But, now not too sure!

03.02 pm - Richard Madley, the umpire is back in the middle and so are the players. After a heavy lunch, they are back and to begin with in the mid-session, it won't be auctions but it will be the draw for the IPL-4CEO Sundar Raman had said draw will happen today

03.01 pm - It's all about money honey! Two teams Deccan Chargers and Kings XI still have over $ 2 million to spend. Are they set to surprise with some aggressive bidding when it matters the most

03.00 pm - Get ready for what should be an absoultely exciting session in this year's IPL auctions

02.55 pm - Welcome back folks. It has been a long lunch session and a very enjoyable one too

02.00 pm - It is now 2 pm and the stomach is really calling. Madley calls Lunch. It has been a long long session and an intriguing one. The purses have trimmed down considerably and that has made the remainder of the auction all the more exciting. Stay tuned to MSN and keep enjoying the highlights of the morning session as we join you back to continue with our Live updates at 02.45 pm.


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