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Guys (in the IPL) treat us like meat: S African cheerleader

We all know that the IPL world is a murky nexus of glamour, money, bookies, Bollywood and after match parties. The problem is that the moment somebody tries to give a glimpse of this behind-the-scenes story, the moral police of cricket (read cricket governing authorities around the globe) tries their best to pull a cover on the misdemeanours of star players.

Cheer leaders

In a sensational piece of news, one of the South African cheerleader, Gabriella Pasqualotto, got the sack only because she cried foul on some cricketers getting 'naughty' and 'loose' during the after match parties. None of the Indian players though have come under the scanner. In one of her posts Gabriella says, "The few Indian players we have met, such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have been very polite and keep to themselves in the dark corners.

Johannesburg: "The guys (in the IPL) treat us like meat", says a South African dancer who was summarily sent home after exposing the antics of some of the players on a blog.

Gabriella Pasqualotto, 22, told the Afrikaans daily Beeld that she was put on the first flight home after being a cheerleader for the Mumbai Indians since last month, following complaints to league officials about her blogging.

Picking up her comments on Twitter, the website asked Pasqualotto to write a regular blog.

After just two entries, a fellow cheerleader tipped off an unnamed player, who in turn informed the organisers.

In the blog, which has since been removed, Pasqualotto wrote: "Old Graeme Smith will make eyes at anything - while his girlfriend is walking behind him."

Another entry read: "The Aussies are naughty. These cricketers are the most loose (men) I have ever encountered."

"I've still got to stay here a long time, so I have to keep by my list of hints: Beware of cricketers!" she said.

Crying foul from her parents' home in Pietermaritzburg today, Pasqualotto said the organisers would not even allow her to cash traveller's cheques or buy a phone card before bundling her onto a plane home.


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