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IPL is changing the face of world cricket: Pollock

New Delhi: Former South African fast bowler and captain Shaun Pollock feels the Indian Premier League (IPL) has done a world of good for the game of cricket and it is turning out to be an excellent laboratory for batsmen and bowlers to innovate more and more.

IPL is changing the face of world cricket: Pollock

Pollock, now a mentor with Mumbai Indians, says the IPL is a fantastic winning formula from whichever way one looks at it, be it the game, players, franchises or spectators.

"Cricket has moved ahead amazingly with the IPL, both financially as well as technically. Before the IPL, soccer players, golfers and tennis players were the envy of other sports persons. Now cricketers have joined the big-buck-earenrs," Pollock told IANS in an exclusive interview.

"The IPL is a platform for cricketers to experiment and try out new things. We have seen bowlers coming up with baffling deliveries and batsmen playing hitherto unknown breath-taking shots," he said.

The 38-year-old also said the IPL is also a cerebral exercise for players to exchange views on matters of cricket and to understanding different cultures.

"It has broken all barriers. The playing format may be the same as any form of international cricket, but the players from different backgrounds and cultures are mingling like one family. That has helped the players to share their experiences with others and gain immensely," he said.

Pollock said Mumbai Indians have benefited from their eclectic mix of players in the dressing room.

As the IPL moves towards its business end, Pollock hopes that Mumbai Indians, now placed third in the points table, can get to the play-off round and eventually go on to win the league.

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