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Two IPL players among 100 detained at rave party

IPL’s unending list of controversies continued on Sunday when 2 players were reportedly caught in a rave party in Mumbai. One of the players caught in the party was Rahul Sharma, who later vehemently denied being present in the party

Two IPL players among 100 detained at rave party

Mumbai: Yet another controversy struck IPL tonight when two of its players were believed to have been among the 100 detained in a rave party in a hotel in Juhu here tonight. Top police sources said among the two IPL players, one is said to be a foreigner.

Both are said to belong to the Pune Warriors team. However, they declined to identify the players, saying their identity could be disclosed only after medical tests are done. "Approximately 110 grams of cocaine along with MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy, and charas were seized," Additional Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nagre Patil said on the raid conducted at Hotel Oakwoods in Juhu.

He said 58 boys and 38 girls were taken to Cooper hospital for a blood and urine test. A case will be registered against those who test positive, he said. "We will do a proper investigation into who organised the party and who were the drug peddlers," Patil said.

Pune Warriors player Rahul Sharma said he was at Oakwoods hotel but at a different party. "I went for a birthday party at Oakwoods hotel in Juhu. I had just reached there but nobody was present. I am right now going to my room."

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