Thu, 24 May 2012 12:47:07 GMT | By Skandan Sampath & Purnima Malhotra, India Syndicate

Chennai send Mumbai out of IPL-5


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Back-door entry for Chennai Super Kings into the play-offs but they have improvised. Good all-round show and they now battle it out with the table toppers of the league table, Delhi Daredevils in the second qualifier for a berth in the finals. Remember, they have a chance to score a hattrick with a title victory this season. Will they?

More importantly for now, who will be the second finalist? KKR are already in the finals thanks to a thumping victory over Delhi in the first qualifier. Chennai play Delhi now on May 25th to decide the second finalist for IPL's fifth edition. Do join us then as we bring all the live updates with our live blog from the Second Qualifier on Friday. Till then, it's good bye from Team MSN India!


Chennai skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the Man of the Match.

Comprehensive victory for Chennai Super Kings. They beat Mumbai by 38 runs.

Also, the three Indian teams for CLT20 this year would be Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings.

Over 20: With 46 required off 6 balls, it probably doesn't matter if Dhoni hands over the ball to Jadeja. However, he did pick up a wicket. Malinga becomes the ninth man dismissed. Mumbai bow out, they needed 46 and could manage just seven. Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians by 38 runs and eliminate them from the competition. CSK now play Delhi Daredevils in the Second Qualifier day-after for a berth in the finals, against Kolkata Knight Riders.
Over summary: 1..4..1..W..1..0
149-9 after 20 overs, Chennai Super Kings win by 38 runs

Ravindra Jadeja will bowl the final over.

46 required off 6 legitimate deliveries.

Over 19:
Big over for Mumbai but too late. 13 runs of the over. Malinga deposits the short ball into the stands over midwicket boundary, while Kulkarni scores a boundary to see off Morkel. 13 runs off the penultimate over but unfortunately, it's too late for Mumbai Indians.
Over summary: 0..1..1..6..1..4
Score: 142-8 after 19 overs, need 46 more to win from 6 balls

Morkel comes back into the attack for his final over.

Over 18: WICKET! Eighth wicket for Chennai and Mumbai are all but out! Pollard dismissed, finally. He wanted to go for a big shot, mistimed it as the ball went high in the air. Raina takes a well judged catch at long-on. Bravo has a 'chat' with the man he has dismissed. Both are smiling, so all is well. Four runs and wicket from the over. Mumbai's fate sealed.
Over summary: 0..1..1..1..1..W
Score:129-8 after 18 overs, need 59 more to win from 12 balls

Hilfenhaus: 4-0-45-1

21 required from every one now. Huge task!


Over 17: Hilfenhaus has had a tough time bowling tonight. He was leaking runs, a lot of runs previously and this time, he gets a wicket off a no-ball! Would you believe it? He dismissed Pollard, inside edge, onto his stumps but Billy Bowden confirmed that Hilfy had indeed overstepped. Pollard gets a lifeline here. Eight runs off the over, including a boundary for Malinga. 63 required from last 3 overs now. All but over for Mumbai!
Over summary: 1..0..1nd..0..1wd..1..4
Score: 125-7 after 17 overs, need 63 more to win from 18 balls

Over 16: Good over by Bravo. Mumbai get just five off it while they need close to 16 from every over. Four to Pollard, his first boundary. Smashed it hard to the midwicket boundary for his first one tonight.
Over Summary: 0..0...1lb..0..4..0
Score:117-7 after 16 overs, need 71 more to win from 24 balls

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