Thu, 31 May 2012 16:56:20 GMT

OAI advices Shah Rukh to disassociate from IPL

The Olympians Association of India (OAI) has advised bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan to disassociate himself from the IPL and rather promote a sport that brings glory to the nation. Shah Rukh Khan-owned Kolkata Knight Riders had last week won the fifth edition of the highly-popular Twenty20 cricket league after defeating Chennai Super Kings.

OAI advices Shah Rukh to disassociate from IPL

OAI President Aslam Sher Khan shot a letter to Khan in which he congratulated him for winning the IPL title but also

alleged that the league over the years has been "infested with many ills, bringing disgrace to the game".

"It is my opinion in good faith that it is the right time for you to disassociate yourself from the IPL....the IPL is a

product of a deplorable nexus between politicians across party lines, business persons and bookies whose real intention in

to further their financial greed and vested interests in the name of sports," Aslam wrote in his letter.

"I suggest you should endeavour to promote a sport of your liking," he added.

Source: PTI

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