World Cup 2014: Chile celebrations turn wild in Santiago

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Police clash with fans in centre of Chile's capital

Celebrations amongst Chile fans turned dramatic following their defeat of Spain at the World Cup See Gallery

Celebrations following Chile’s World Cup victory over Spain took a dramatic turn in Santiago last night, as wild street parties ended in clashes with police and significant damage to public property in the nation’s capital.

Victory for Chile at the World Cup was significant as it sealed their progression to the knockout stages of the tournament and sent reigning champions Spain home.

However, hours after supporters had gathered at the Plaza Italia to toast victory, police were forced to respond to fan violence, fires, and damage to 300 of the city's buses.

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Eliseo Fernandez/Reuters
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Public screening

Chile fans watch the game at a public screening in Santiago.

Chile fans were also in trouble in Brazil, after 85 supporters were detained for breaking into the media centre at the Maracanã Stadium before kick-off of the Spain vs. Chile game.

Eliseo Fernandez/Reuters
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Fans celebrate after victory is confirmed.

World Cup fever has gripped Chile so much that the government has had to pour cold water on fans’ celebrations by asking them to stop having World Cup barbeques. The mass burning of charcoal has given rise to a smog problem in Santiago, according to government officials.

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Cheering for joy

Fans old and young joined in with the festivities.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Party atmosphere

Supporters continued in their revelry by launching each other into the air using large Chile flags.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Safe landing

One fan is bought back to ground…

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Up again

...before another is thrown up into the air.

Eliseo Fernandez/Reuters
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Lifting the trophy

One fan celebrates and signals his team’s intent by kissing a replica of the World Cup trophy after the match.

Eliseo Fernandez/Reuters
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Champagne moment

Drinks are sprayed over cheering fans.

Mario Ruiz/EPA
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As darkness falls, fans begin to climb the monuments in the Plaza.

Eliseo Fernandez/Reuters
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Growing crowds

The Plaza begins to fill with fans as the celebrations continued.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Riot police

Riot police arrive to disperse crowds.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Fans respond by confronting the police while flares are lit.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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Damaged property

Trees decorating a street in Santiago were disrupted by the trouble.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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A lone figure films a blaze as clashes continue.

Rex Features/Pablo Rojas Madariaga
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A street in Santiago is left smoky and damaged by events in the capital.