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Hamilton ‘unfazed’ by Maldonado ‘revenge attack’ threat in quest of winning British GP

London: McLaren ace driver Lewis has refused to allow the ominous shadow of a revenge attack by Williams’ driver Pastor Maldonado affect his focus to win the Britain Grand Prix.

Hamilton ‘unfazed’ by Maldonado ‘revenge attack’ threat in quest of winning British GP

Hamilton insists he can win at Silverstone and roar on to title glory at the end of the year.

The 2008 champion also said he doesn't deserve the aggressive title, which has been slapped on him following his crash with Maldonado during the Canadian Grand Prix when Hamilton tried to defend his third position.

Hamilton was doggedly defending the racing line as his McLaren struggled for a grip on fading tyres, while the Venezuelan hardman crashed and drove him off the circuit, into the concrete barrier for his first non-finish of the season.

"There are no issues between me and him. It's a shame to lose points, but they are not the first points I have lost. In 2008 I lost many points through the year and still won the championship, so that encourages me," The Daily Mirror quoted Hamilton, as saying.

When asked whether he would be wary of an attack by Maldonado at the Silverstone, Hamilton replied: "Not at all. Of course, you have to understand all the drivers you are racing against."

"Obviously I wanted to try to keep up my finishing consistency and that definitely didn't help, but I think it's a very, very small hump," he said.

"It's not the end of the world. If I was in that position again I would definitely approach it ­differently. But I don't feel this year that I have been aggressive one bit. And so I definitely don't feel that I deserve that title," he added.

Hamilton further added: "I'm not worried it will turn into a grudge match with Pastor. Regardless of the comments he has made about me I still respect him and I think he's a great young driver."

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