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Briatore blasts F1 'show'

Flavio Briatore has hit out at Formula One by suggesting "any top driver" would have won last year's title with the 2011 Red Bull.


FILE - In this May 22 2009 file photo, Renault F1 team principal Flavio Briatore gestures after attending a Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) meeting in Monaco. A French court has overturned Tuesday Jan. 5, 2010, former Renault Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore's lifetime suspension from motor sports. F1's governing body ruled last September that Briatore ordered Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. to deliberately crash his car to help teammate Fernando Alonso win the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008

"It's only a real show now when it rains," the former Renault team boss told Italy's Sky Sport 24.

Briatore, 61, blames the huge role played by technology.

"If you were to take GP2 cars and put the 6 World Champions in them, it would be more fun," he insisted.

"The car is now made in the wind tunnel, the engineers aren't even at the circuits and they spend 200 million euros making identical machines.

"Last year, the Championship was over after the first race, and this will be the same; McLaren are two tenths from Red Bull, Mercedes three, and Ferrari and Lotus 4 to 7.

"Two tenths is like 2-0 behind in a football game. In F1, the Messi is Alonso, but if his car is not competitive, he is going nowhere."

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