Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso of Spain

The Spaniard's long awaited dream of driving a Ferrari, and winning, has finally come true; that too with 16secs ahead of his teammate, Felipe Massa, who came in second place. Initially, Alonso had to combat the equally fierce, but not as experienced, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull. He managed to swiftly slip past Massa in the first corner and lock into a slot just seconds behind the pole position grid starter Vettel. The gap between the Spaniard and the young German consistently slipped by 2-3secs each lap. By lap 11, the F10s switched to hard compound tyres and took advantage of the fresh grip to slowly claw and narrow the gap even more, and by lap 30, Alonso nosed in harder and narrowed the gap to a mere 1sec. As threatening as Alonso can be, the young German seemed to still have everything under control by not committing any mistake and kept the car well ahead of the rest. Like all good things come to an end, Vettel's RB6 did the same. Apparently, the exhaust system gave out on lap 34, and the German knew he was in trouble. By then it was too late, the Ferrari duo seamlessly breezed past the vulnerable Vettel to claim their spots on the podium. It got worse, with just 3 laps left, Lewis Hamilton of McLaren closed in on the powerless German and claimed the third spot.