Sun, 20 May 2012 21:28:26 GMT
Amazing images from an amazing Champions League final

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It was one of the most fascinating finals ever in the history of Champions League football as Chelsea and Bayern Munich dished out two sides of a football game in great fashion. Chelsea were dogged in defense while Bayern unleashed one attack after another. In the end, it was an irony that the match went into a shootout where the German giants failed to hold their nerve. During the pulsating final, Didier Drogba became a hero, then a zero and again a hero. Truly amazing. Well, as Chelsea stay in party mood, we at MSN India present you a special collection of amazing images from an amazing final played at Allianz Arena

A Chelsea club crest adorns the back of a supporter as fans gathered on the streets of Munich, Germany. Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final soccer match.