Tue, 27 Mar 2012 18:18:10 GMT
Dangerous moments in sport

Vigor Bovolenta

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A gash above the eye, a broken knee or a fractured limb; whenever sportspersons go out on the field to score runs, smash goals, win points or secure a try, they come in line with the probable danger of getting hurt. And sometimes it's not just about bruises. Sporting history is filled with instances when contestants lost their lives on duty. Two players, a footballer from Bangalore and an Italian volleyball player have recently lost their lives on field in less than a week's time. MSN India takes a look at some of these dangerous moments in sport

Italian volleyball player, the 1996 Olympic silver medalist Vigor Bovolenta lost his life following a heart attack while playing on Sunday. Several attempts to resuscitate the player failed after he collpased during the match. According to teammates, the player has earlier complained about feeling faint earlier in the match.