Updated: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 21:45:00 GMT | By India Syndicate
Valentine's Day special: Popular cricket WAGs

Australian skipper Michael Clarke along with his wife Kyly

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As a cricketer, it’s easy to find admirers when you’re doing well and equally hard to find a shoulder to rest on when you’re in pain and out of form. And that is why wives and girlfriends play such an important part in the life of a professional sports star. David Warner's return to form has been credited to his girlfriend, Candice Falzon. Sachin Tendulkar thanked Anjali for taking care of his family when he was away playing for India. Be it Sakshi Dhoni cheering for MSD from the stands or Liz Hurley jumping with joy for Warnie; the better halves of these cricketers are not only their biggest fans, but they’re also their biggest emotional support systems. The old adage that behind a successful man is there is a woman, rings true when it comes to our famous cricketers. On this Valentine’s day, we bring to you some of the most popular cricket WAGs. Click on for this visual treat