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Fri, 27 Jul 2012 21:15:53 GMT | By Vineet Sharma, India Syndicate
So close yet so far moments in India's Olympic history

Milkha Singh

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At the 1960 Rome Olympics Milkha Singh ran like no Indian has ever run. Ahead of the race he clocked a world record 45.8 seconds in the preliminaries held in France, yet in the final 400 meters dash, Milka went medal-less. It was a photofinish. The results were held up for a few minutes, but Milka knew his fate. He came fourth and the result was so devastating that the 'Flying Sikh' cried for weeks after the race and called it his worst memory, second only to his parents death. Milka Singh even contemplated giving up running. Thankfully for India, he changed his mind. Even though there were several winning finishes after the Rome debacle, history remembers Milkha Singh as the man who missed the Olympic medal by a whisker.

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