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Mon, 13 Aug 2012 22:55:59 GMT | By Rajesh Viswanathan, India Syndicate
MSN picks 20 amazing performances of London 2012

Best effort No.20

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- London 2012 was one of the best Olympic events for a variety of reasons. With limited upsets and yet many new stars emerging, the event gave us enough reasons to conclude the world of sport is growing bigger and diversifying at a healthy rate. Talking of performances, there were many that stood out. We at MSN decided to make our list of the 20 best performances of London 2012. As you read through this, you will know it indeed is an elite list. Please note we will be going from No.20 to No.1

Nicola Spirig & Lisa Norden - Women's triathlon
Olympics is all about closes contests and while it sometimes boils down to one hundredth of a second, how about a scenario where it gets impossible to differentiate. It happened in London 2012. The women's triathlon witnessed the closest finish at the Olympics in London. Both Nicola Spirig & Lisa Norden finished the 2-hour battle at 01.59.48. This later led the judges to examine photographic evidence and arrive at a conclusion that Spirig's winning margin was less than 15 centimetres. This however was contradicted by officials later, who presented a photograph to provide their case that Norden's head had crossed the line first. Controversy didn't end there. Governing body, ITU eventually ruled that the winner would be the athlete whose torso crossed the line first and therefore it awarded the gold medal to Nicola Spirig. Controversies and appeals related to the race continue but that definitely doesn't take the neutral observer's mind from applauding the two ladies for providing such a close entertaining finish to the triathlon.