Sat, 04 Aug 2012 13:31:34 GMT | By PTI

Boxing row: Indian team files protest against decision

London: Stung by Vikas Krishan's controversial ouster from the Olympics, the Indian boxing team on Saturday filed a protest of its own against the International Boxing Association's decision to overturn his pre-quarterfinal win against American Errol Spence. The appeal was filed after an emergency meeting of the team with Chef-de-Mission and Indian Boxing Federation Secretary General P K Muralidharan Raja.


In a stunning turn of events, Vikas (69kg) was ousted from the Games in London after AIBA overturned the result of the bout he had won, following a review.

The 20-year-old had won 13-11 over Errol Spence in a thrilling contest last night but following an appeal by his rival's team management, the AIBA awarded the bout 15-13 to the American citing the fouls committed by the Indian which were not noticed by the referee.

A stunned Indian team had gone into a huddle after AIBA's decision and called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter.

While agreeing, Vikas had gone into a clinch with his rival, the Indians were claiming that the American was equally guilty of the same offence.

Sandhu said the Indians will challenge the observations made by the competition jury, which felt that Vikas should have been penalised four points for holding his rival nine times and deliberately spitting out his gumshield during the bout.

"We will argue that the our guy did not hold Spence for more than seven times. The American was guilty of holding Vikas four times according to us. As for spitting the gumshield, that may or may not be considered because the referee had failed to spot it during the bout," Sandhu explained.

Asked about the chances of India's counter-appeal getting any favourable result, Sandhu said, "I can't say for sure what will happen but we will ensure that our version is also taken into account."

Earlier, Raja, also the Indian Boxing Federation's Secretary General, said the team will not accept the decision lying down.

"The decision has been overturned but it's not as if we cannot do anything about it," he insisted.

But Raja admitted that there were not too many options in front of the team after the world body's review and reversal of the original decision.

"In such cases, the jury decision is final. Because they replay the bout and go through it very closely before deciding whether to stick to the original decision or overturn it. Not many options are there but let's see. We will still try to find a way forward," he said.

The AIBA cited fouls committed by Vikas as the reason for overturning his 13-11 win.

"There were a total of nine (9) holding fouls committed by the Indian boxer in the third round alone. However the Referee only gave one caution," the AIBA said in a statement after a review by its Competition Jury.

"In the second round, at the time 02:38, the boxer from India spitted out his gumshield intentionally. However the Referee didn't give any warning," it added.